Online R Programming Course - MSBA

BUAD 502B: R Programming

Credits: 1

Key Skills: Problem-solving, writing R programs, vectors, matrices, arrays, lists, data frames, numeric data types, complex data types, string data types, logical data types

Description: R Programming is a prerequisite course for the William & Mary Online MSBA program that utilizes R, one of the fundamental languages of business analytics and data science. Students may satisfy this curriculum requirement through previous coursework and experience, though students who are less confident about their experience with R may find this course advantageous.

RStudio is required software for this course and other courses in the William & Mary Online MSBA program. This integrated development environment is a common tool used by data scientists across a number of fields. By the end of this course, students will be able to manipulate data by utilizing data structures in R, including vectors, matrices, arrays, lists, and data frames, to answer questions. Appropriate data types (numeric, complex, string, logical) will be explored for particular applications. At the completion of this course, students will write functional programs in R to solve statistical problems.

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