MS in Business Analytics Jobs and Careers

The Online MSBA program has been built from a core program theme of business intelligence and analytics specifically to provide you with a competitive advantage as you pursue a career in analytics. From the very first class through your final capstone project, our curriculum is designed to pair technical development with data visualization and communication skills to make you the kind of well-rounded professional best suited for the most desirable analytics jobs.

Learn more about the benefits of a career in analytics and the power of the Online MSBA network to connect you with top-tier analytics jobs.

Demonstrated Success by W&M Online MSBA Alumni

90% of W&M BSBA alumni received a promotion post-graduation1
More than 60% of online MSBA graduates from W&M received a salary increase of 25% or greater1
More than 70% of W&M MSBA graduates reported that they were able to use what they learned in the program and apply it to their current career1

Your Business Analytics Salary Potential

Analytics jobs are some of the most lucrative on the market today. It’s no accident the analytics-driven job of data scientist consistently ranks as Glassdoor’s 3rd best job in the U.S. or that data engineer and data analyst rank in the top 35 as well.2

Median base salary for all data scientist roles3
National average base salary for a data engineer4
Average salary for an analytics manager5

Hiring Trends for Analytics Jobs

The market has never been hotter for professionals seeking to embark on or advance in a career in analytics. Consider the following data about the phenomenal employment potential for Online MSBA graduates:

25 percent projected growth for operations research analyst roles from 2020 to 2030 (a much faster rate than average)6
Top 10
Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, and Data Engineer all rank in the top 10 Best Jobs in America for 20222

LinkedIn's top 25 in-demand hard business skills for 20207:

Artificial intelligence, Analytical reasoning, Scientific computing, Business anaysis

A Vibrant Professional Network

Your Online MSBA classmates comprise a formidable professional network, with connections to numerous thriving industries and top-tier companies.

Online MSBA students are employed across industries that include:8


Some of the most notable employers of our Online MSBA students are:8

  • Citi
  • J.P Morgan Chase
  • Lockhead Martin
  • GE Appliances
  • Anthem
  • Deloitte
  • EAB
  • Smithfield Foods

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