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Faculty at The Raymond A. Mason School of Business at William & Mary are dedicated to your success inside the classroom and in the industry. As an online student, you will get to know your faculty just as well as, if not better than, our residential students. You can and should expect a high level of engagement and communication with each and every professor.

Our faculty and section leaders are industry experts who have actively engaged in their respective business fields, and they work tirelessly to teach content that is immediately relatable and highly actionable. Representing more than 150 years of combined teaching and full-time work experience, faculty have individually consulted and worked with global organizations such as IBM, 3M, ExxonMobil and the Department of Homeland Security. They represent a variety of research areas, including global investing, integrated marketing communication, social network analysis, product management, systems programming, organizational justice and the business value of information technology.

In a testament to our standards of distinction, The Princeton Review has ranked our professors as the Number 3 Best Business School Professors across the nation.1

Craig Akins, MBA Read Bio

Taj Bindra, MBA Read Bio

Paul Blossom, Ph.D. Read Bio

James R. Bradley, Ph.D. Read Bio

Mike Brooks, MBA Read Bio

Inga Carboni, Ph.D. Read Bio

Magdalena Cutler, Ph.D. Read Bio

Matthew Dean, Ph.D. Read Bio

Vlad Dolgopolov, Ph.D. Read Bio

Dawn Edmiston, DM Read Bio

Daniel Gaske, Ph.D. Read Bio

Bill Geary, Ph.D. Read Bio

Scott Gibson, Ph.D Read Bio

Katie Gilstrap, MBA Read Bio

Chris Gottfried, JD, MBA Read Bio

Tatia Granger, Ph.D. Read Bio

Ben Grannan, Ph.D. Read Bio

Héctor Guerrero, Ph.D. Read Bio

Marie Halvorsen-Ganepola, Ph.D., MBA Read Bio

Graham Henshaw, MS Read Bio

Deborah Hewitt, Ph.D. Read Bio

Sarah Hinchliffe, Ph.D. Read Bio

Rex Holmlin, Ph.D., PE, PMP Read Bio

Mark Keightley, Ph.D. Read Bio

Aaron Koehl, Ph.D. Read Bio

Rajiv Kohli, Ph.D. Read Bio

Larry Leemis, Ph.D. Read Bio

Harris Ligon, MBA Read Bio

David M. Long. Ph.D. Read Bio

Leslie McCullough, MBA Read Bio

Lou Ann McElyea, MBA Read Bio

James Olver, Ph.D. Read Bio

Steven Peterson, Ph.D. Read Bio

Rachael Post, MJ, MA Read Bio

Franklin E. (Bud) Robeson, DBA Read Bio

Bob Sanders, MS Read Bio

Terry Shannon, MBA Read Bio

Jan Sokolowsky, Ph.D. Read Bio

Chris Strasser, DM Read Bio

Scott Swan, Ph.D. Read Bio

Kiely Sweatt, MFA Read Bio

Monica Tremblay, Ph.D. Read Bio

Joe Wilck, Ph.D., PE Read Bio

Robert Williams, MBA Read Bio

Greg Worden, Ph.D. Read Bio

Julie Wyatt, MBA Read Bio

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1. Retrieved on August 15, 2018, from