Online Programs Application: How to Apply

To apply to the online business programs at William & Mary, just follow our simple step-by-step guide below. If you're ready, get started today!

Start Your Application

1. Create Your Account

To begin the application as a new user, proceed to the online application portal and click "Sign Up" to create your account. Once you reach the sign-up page, enter your first and last name and your email address, then click "Submit."

After you click "Submit," a temporary password will be created for you and you will receive an email at the email address you entered on the sign-up page containing a link which will allow you to reset it to one of your own choosing. Enter and confirm your password, then click "Change Password" to proceed to the Student Dashboard.

Start Your Application


2. Start Your Application

On the left-hand column of the Student Dashboard screen, select "Start New Application." This will take you to a page with four initial questions that must be answered before you can proceed to the rest of the online application:

1. For which level are you applying?

  • Select "Graduate"

2. To which school would you like to apply?

  • Select "Raymond A. Mason School of Business"

3. For which program are you applying?

  • Select "Online MBA," "Online MSBA," Online MSM" or "Online MSF"

4. Term

  • Select your desired start term

Once you have made these selections, click "Start Application" to be taken to the interactive online application form.

Online MBA Application Checklist Online MSBA Application Checklist

Online MSM Application Checklist Online MSF Application Checklist


3. Fill Out the Online Application

The online application form is divided into 12 sections which are displayed in a continuous scroll and may be completed in any order you choose. You may save your progress after completing each section, and you can navigate between sections by clicking on the hamburger menu icon on the left side of the browser window to open a clickable progress tracker.

Throughout the online application, required fields are marked with a red asterisk. When all required fields within a given section are complete, the progress tracker will display a green circle next to that section. Incomplete sections are represented by a yellow half circle, and sections that you have not yet begun are represented by a clear circle.

Note about document uploads: While multiple file formats are accepted for your document uploads, your files must not contain any special characters in their names for their upload to be successful.

Sections of the online application include:

1. Personal Information

  • Name, place of birth, citizenship and language information, and criminal and disciplinary background information

2. Address Information

  • Contact information including physical address, email address and preferred phone number

3. Program Information

  • Inquires whether you have previously studied at the graduate level

4. Enrollment History

  • Information about your undergraduate education, including institution, dates of enrollment, major and degree earned

5. Standardized Entrance Exams (for Online MSBA)

  • Includes three sections, one each for the GMAT, GRE and TOEFL/IELTS
  • If you are requesting a GMAT/GRE waiver, check the box indicating this in the GMAT section of the application. An Admissions Advisor will follow up on your request
  • You can report your GMAT/GRE scores in the online application, but you must also deliver official score reports. You may have them sent directly from the testing company by noting William & Mary as a recipient when you take your exam (GMAT Code: 9DD-X7-17, GRE Code: 1422)

Online MSBA GMAT Waiver

6. Experience

  • Information about the total number of months of full-time, professional experience post undergrad, as well as details about your current role and employer
  • In this section, you also must upload your current resume or CV

Resume Tips

7. Program Supplemental Information

  • Contains required and optional essays that are specific to each of the online programs. Your essays must be uploaded as attachments to the online application

Ace Your Admissions Essay

8. Letters of Recommendation

  • Background and contact information for your two recommendation writers. Includes a required question asking whether you waive your right to view the letter of recommendation from each writer. Your recommenders will be notified via email to submit their letters after you have provided their contact information in the online application

9. Additional Information

  • An optional section in which you may answer questions regarding your financial aid status, the source of your interest in the program and any other programs to which you're applying
  • Online MSBA students also may indicate in this section whether they have completed any of four prerequisite courses for the program

10. Family Information

  • An optional section inquiring whether any members of your family are W&M alumni

11. Residency

  • Information about your legal place of residency, with a specific question regarding whether you reside in Virginia

12. Acknowledgement

  • Check a box and enter today's date to certify that all information contained in the online application is accurate and that you agree to the university's Honor Code
  • You also may indicate at this point whether you are requesting an application fee waiver and on what grounds you are doing so

Explore Financial Aid Options

4. Review and Submit

After you have completed all required fields of the online application and clicked "Save and Review Application" at the bottom, you will be taken to a review screen where you can view your application as one complete form with your answers from the previous page entered. If you so choose, you may print your application from this screen either to review manually or for your records.

If you have any incomplete sections at this point, they will be highlighted in red on the form. To go back to the interactive form to finish filling out an incomplete section or to change any information you previously provided, click the "Edit" button next to the section's heading.

Once you are satisfied that your application is complete, click "Submit Your Application" to submit it to William & Mary. You will not be able to edit your application further after you submit it.

If you have not been granted an application fee waiver, you will be prompted to pay the $100 application fee at this time. The fee may be paid online with a credit or debit card, or may be paid by mail by check.

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