The Online Master's in Marketing

The William & Mary Online Master of Science in Marketing program prepares the next generation of leaders in this dynamic field, instilling deep, far-reaching expertise in the digital tools, technologies and strategies used by forward-thinking marketers across industries. Building on our history of innovation, it is an extension of the long-standing foundation of excellence that places our graduate business programs among the highest-ranked in the nation.

Whether you are looking toward a career pivot into marketing or advancement to upper management and the C-suite, the Online Master’s in Marketing offers everything you need to thrive and lead in today’s rapidly evolving digital world.

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What Is a Renaissance Marketer?

The Online Master’s in Marketing creates a new type of marketing leader by cultivating disparate skills in the analytic, strategic and creative facets of marketing.

Renaissance Marketers are not interested in business as usual.

They are adept at the digital and analytics-based skills that drive innovative decision-making. They are capable and fluent in the rapidly evolving technology that defines their profession, and they recognize its role as a catalyst for collaboration and insight.

They are modernizers in a dynamic world and are not bound to the mechanistic rhythms of conventional workflows. Embracing ambiguity and iteration, Renaissance Marketers understand that the best use of time is often nonlinear.

To Renaissance Marketers, no challenge is simply an obstacle to overcome.

They treat even the most difficult problems as opportunities for strategic creativity and inventive brand strategy. They approach their work informed by, but not beholden to, time-tested methods: They balance the wisdom to respect proven processes with the courage to adapt them—or even radically change them—to meet current challenges.

Renaissance Marketers look outward.

They understand that broad collaboration is key to identifying problems and creating solutions. As a result, they act with humility, engage with empathy, and create a culture of respect in which all are challenged to do their best work. They cultivate new ideas by inviting diverse perspectives, engaging in deep immersion, encouraging open debate and treating every idea as a hypothesis to be tested.

Renaissance Marketers make an impact on the problem at hand, the companies for which they work, the market they serve and the world they inhabit.

Are you ready to become a Renaissance Marketer?

Gain the Expertise to Lead as a 21st-Century Marketer

Our graduates are:

  • Empowered with leading-edge digital skills and strategic, imaginative vision
  • Adept at using analytical tools to drive decision-making
  • Fluent in quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques, including conjoint analysis, cluster analysis, and customer lifetime value calculations

Finding a Common Ground: Residency and the Program Prep Course

Students in the Online Master’s in Marketing program arrive with a diversity of personal and professional backgrounds. That’s why our marketing master’s degree program includes two opportunities to begin building a shared experience with your cohort, both in terms of marketing knowledge and your interpersonal relationships with one another.

The Program Prep Course offers you the chance to prepare yourself for the intellectually challenging course content that will follow throughout the remainder of the program. This self-guided online course ensures that you have the proper mastery of math and foundational marketing principles to succeed in subsequent classes. And best of all, this course is completely free!

The Program Prep Course can be waived by scoring 80% or higher on a marketing background assessment, by demonstrating three years of direct experience on a marketing team, or by possessing an undergraduate degree in marketing or an MBA.

For the Residency Weekend, we invite you to make the trip to our beautiful Williamsburg campus to meet your online classmates and faculty face to face for the first time. In addition to bonding and networking over the course of three days, you will complete a one-credit course introducing you to unique aspects of the William & Mary experience and helping develop the interpersonal skills that are essential for any successful marketing leader.

The residency curriculum is structured around three themes:

  • Collaboration: Content and exercises designed to capitalize on face-to-face opportunities
  • Culture: Experiences to more tightly bind students to the culture of William & Mary and the Raymond A. Mason School of Business
  • Connections: Social interactions designed to create relationships between students and faculty that endure beyond the end of the program

Residency Weekends are offered twice per academic year. While we recommend attending the residency weekend nearest to the beginning of your time in the program, doing so is not required.


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