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The connections you build as a student in William & Mary’s online graduate business programs will remain with you for life. Both the professionals you may study alongside in your program cohort and those who have graduated ahead of you can serve as invaluable connections for future opportunities.

To support these connections and facilitate easy access to the full W&M alumni network, we offer a unique selection of online networking tools, and we even host live events across the country. Whether you want to connect casually over coffee, tap a national network of contributors for job opportunities or pursue continued learning with like-minded individuals, the William & Mary Alumni Association has a service to support your need.

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Two classes in, I’m very pleasantly surprised at how connected I feel to my other classmates, to faculty—it’s more interconnected and I feel more a part of the program than I expected to feel.
Lissa Venosh
MBA '19

W&M Alumni Never Stop Learning

Want to explore entrepreneurial thinking or break down myths about the efficacy of virtual teams? Maybe you want a better understanding of how digital trends may impact your business strategies or you need help learning how to manage conflict. William & Mary’s Alumni Webinars are crafted to give working professionals—who we know have a solid grasp of contemporary business—ongoing education related to their career fields, individual responsibilities, available industry tools and more.

These recorded webinars can be accessed through our YouTube channel, and they provide hours of content that could help further elevate your current position and work-related perspectives.

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Life can’t be all studies, all the time, which is W&M delights in bringing together alumni, their family and friends in a variety of fun, casual settings. Signature alumni events are hosted across the country, and they have included campus meets, weekend retreats, city visits and more.

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From dream vacations and service discounts to library resources and transcript requests, W&M does everything to make life just a little bit simpler for alumni. Discover the perks of joining this vibrant network.

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