Participation Marketing Strategy: Trends to Incorporate in 2023 and Beyond

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How to Tackle Big Business Problems Ebook cover

How to Tackle Big Business Problems: Solving Wicked Problems With Little Bets
Better problem solving and idea development starts here. In this guide, learn how to effectively think through your own complex business problems. Then, get the steps to develop, test and refine your ideas to find the best possible solutions

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5 Elements of Work Satisfaction

Infographic: 5 Elements of Work Satisfaction
Knowing the five elements of work satisfaction is key to improving employee engagement and boosting workplace morale. Download this infographic for a helpful reminder of the five elements that foster greater workplace satisfaction.

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7 Ways to Practice Inclusive Leadership thumbnail

Infographic: 7 Ways to Practice Inclusive Leadership
All of us can play a role in developing an inclusive workplace. Brush up or build your leadership skills by downloading this infographic to learn seven practices you can incorporate into your day-to-day interactions to foster a more inclusive work environment.

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Five Strategies to Drive Employee Engagement and Boost Morale (Teaser)

Five Strategies to Drive Employee Engagement and Boost Morale

Get the resources you need to create a more engaged team. In a video from Associate Professor David Long, explore extrinsic and intrinsic motivators, the five elements of job satisfaction and how to build a culture of engagement. Long’s teaching and consulting focuses on introducing and demonstrating methods and strategies for improving the careers and organizations of his students.

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Seven Considerations for Inclusive Leadership (Teaser)

Seven Considerations for Inclusive Leadership

Step up as a leader at your workplace to create a more positive and inclusive environment. In this exclusive video, Associate Professor Inga Carboni explores the necessary fundamentals of inclusion in the workplace, and outlines seven characteristics of an inclusive leader. Carboni’s areas of expertise include diversity and inclusion, networking and leadership. She has worked developing leaders for nearly two decades.

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Participation Marketing Strategy: Trends to Incorporate in 2023 and Beyond

In this on-demand micro-course Professor Matt Williams, faculty director of the Online Master of Science in Marketing, program discusses this fifth ‘P’ of the marketing mix—participation. Learn how to drive up engagement and even promote your customer to co-creator. This micro-course consists of two informative videos and a worksheet to put the lessons into practice, all for the benefit of your own marketing strategy.

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