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By clicking "Get Program Brochure,” I agree to provide the contact information listed above for the purpose of receiving communications regarding educational programs and opportunities.

It's Time to Reimagine Business Education

The William & Mary Online Classroom

At the Raymond A. Mason School of Business, we strongly believe that online education doesn’t have to be impersonal. That’s why we’ve crafted the digital platform and online classroom for our Online MBA and MSBA programs to emphasize collaboration and networking throughout your coursework.

But despite this, we know that an online master’s degree program can seem daunting. We strive to help each of our students achieve to their highest potential during their W&M online program with comprehensive and committed student support services. Read on to learn how the online experience at the Raymond A. Mason School of Business has been designed to promote your success.

Our Standout Digital Learning Environment

The simple and user-friendly digital environment we’ve built for our Online MBA and MSBA programs brings together all of the tools you’ll need to succeed in your online studies, and organizes them in one easily accessible place. Before diving into a course module or completing an assignment, you can quickly review weekly objectives and tasks from the homepage of our learning management system (LMS), or take advantage of dynamic communications tools to interact with your faculty and classmates.

Experience the LMS

Watch our video for a taste of the dynamic, collaborative coursework and networking potential you’ll encounter in our online courses.

"For an online course, I was pleasantly surprised by the level of interaction with fellow classmates and professors. Each course has an element of collaborative work where students are assigned to groups and instructors are on hand to assist when required."

Matthew Queripel

Matthew Queripel
MBA '19 Candidate

W&M Connect Mobile App


The W&M Connect mobile app is a multi-touch online learning platform that allows you to complete your coursework, interact with faculty and fellow students, and stay connected with the William & Mary community—all in a way that seamlessly integrates with your life and keeps you fully immersed in the online experience.

The W&M Connect app also allows instructors to see the content available to students and helps them keep track of assignments and additional information relating to the class.

Within the W&M Connect mobile app, you can:

  • Access course content on the go
  • Participate in discussions with your fellow students and instructors
  • Track your grades
  • Receive announcements from instructors for your courses
  • Keep your calendar and schedule organized
  • Stay up to date with W&M news and events
  • Contact your Student Success Coordinator for support and assistance

An In-Person Experience for Your Online MBA

The Online MBA program also features an on-campus opportunity to connect and network with your classmates and faculty. Learn more about the Online MBA residency.

Explore the Residency

Everyday Life in Our Online Programs

Any worthwhile master’s degree program is a serious commitment, one that will require you to prioritize and manage your time in ways you may not be used to. But this doesn’t have to be overwhelming, and at William & Mary, we strive to make our Online MBA and MSBA programs truly manageable on any schedule.

We’ve put together this breakdown of a typical day-to-day experience in our Online MBA or MSBA program to help you envision yourself as a successful W&M online student

Weekly commitment: A typical weekly commitment for our online programs is 20 to 25 hours of work. This can fluctuate throughout a term depending on assignment due dates. There are no mandatory login times for our online programs, so this workload can be distributed however you like to fit your schedule.

Collaboration: Group work is a significant part of our online programs. Our students use several methods to work together, the most common of which are coordinating to schedule evening group chats that fit everyone’s schedule and working collaboratively in a shared Google doc.

Digital tools to stay connected: Our students regularly use Zoom and Skype for audio and video chats with each other and with faculty. The LMS also features public discussion boards that can be used to reach out to and communicate with multiple students and faculty at once.

“I am constantly amazed at how insightful and intelligent my classmates are in the class discussions, group assignments and Twitter feeds. I learn as much or more from them as I do from the professors and materials.”


Jerry Kelly
MBA '19 Candidate

Student Success Coordinators

As a student in one of William & Mary’s online graduate business programs, you'll receive support from a network of people who are dedicated to your success in the program. Prior to the first day of class, your Student Success Coordinator will contact you to help you develop your personalized success plan. Your Student Success Coordinator will continue to offer support throughout your program as part of an extended network that includes faculty, peers and cutting-edge technology.

In addition, you’ll have access to 24/7 technology support, academic advising, career services, and other student support services offered by William & Mary and the Raymond A. Mason School of Business.

Meet Your Student Success Coordinators


Paul White

757-500-5532 ext. 728

Paul has four years of experience in education, and he is motivated and driven by the success of his students. Paul has supported students at William & Mary for over a year. He is driven to help his students reach their maximum potential and achieve their goals. Paul holds a BA in Elementary and Special Education from Carthage College.


Samar Dababneh

757-500-5532 ext. 352

Samar has six years of experience in higher education, serving in a variety of roles supporting adult students. She has worked as an instructor/lecturer for various communication courses, as well as in admissions and academic advising. Samar is motivated and driven by the success of her students and loves working with William & Mary online business students. Samar is student-centered and can effortlessly establish rapport with her students from various age groups and academic backgrounds. She has found that she is able to utilize her previous experience as a graduate student and her communications background to efficiently deliver solutions for her students.

New Online Student Orientation

All online business program students are required to attend William & Mary’s New Online Student Orientation, an interactive virtual seminar that helps set students up for success in our rigorous programs. If you have any questions or concerns about your courses or about studying online, the program or matriculation, the orientation is the perfect time to get answers.

Your Student Success Coordinator will cover an array of topics in the New Online Student Orientation, including:

  • An introduction to William & Mary and the Raymond A. Mason School of Business
  • Tips for managing your work/life balance while in grad school
  • Educational expectations for the program
  • Academic policies and standards
  • The virtual classroom and learning management system (LMS)
  • Tips for networking while studying online
  • Advice for making the most of your digital learning experience

By participating in orientation, you can start the program already acclimated to the virtual classroom, so you’ll be comfortable and able to hit the ground running on the first day of class!

Start building your competitive advantage.

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