Ashley Laitano

Ashley Laitano

Program Manager
Metrica, Inc., Washington, DC

Program Manager

Metrica, Inc.

Washington, DC

Why did you choose William & Mary’s Online MBA program?
Since I started my search for an MBA program four or five years ago, it has evolved with each year that I experienced in my career. At first, I was looking for a more traditional MBA program in a part-time, evening format. I was never going to quit my job and stop working to attend a full-time program, but I saw the value in being on-campus. As my career evolved, I kept traveling internationally, which is really important to me and I didn’t want to pause that experience. The flexibility of being online means I can take my MBA wherever I go in my travels. But what ended up drawing me to William & Mary was the balance between the traditional, hard-skills development and the program’s emphasis on soft skills.

What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned from a classmate?
Networking, networking, networking! The world doesn’t work off of money, it works off of people and the relationships you have with them. In the online program, we don’t have the luxury of meeting people every day in person, so we have to actively create relationships and network among each other.

What is your wicked problem?
Organizational behavior is the core of my wicked problem, which revolves around organizations that put teams together with conflicting metrics. It was a huge problem at my company because both teams needed each other to be successful but their respective metrics and KPIs were different. Each team had a different approach, which caused conflict.