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The "Aha" Moment of the Online MBA

04 Oct
Student Spotlight: Cecily Scott MBA '19 Candidate

When it comes to studying online, some prospective students admit to worrying about how to make friends or business connections in a distance learning program. But when it comes to William & Mary's Online MBA, networking with your classmates and professors has never been easier.

In fact, it's one of current student Cecily Scott's favorite aspects of the program.

"I realized the tools that were available to me, the resources, the people, the connections and your classmates have made it a really enjoyable experience. You really get to know students a little bit more personally, because everything is online," Cecily said.

"We've established some really good friendships early on. I'm only two classes into the program, but I've already started to kind of make a connection with a couple of students, and we look for each other, and we try to collaborate and keep up with each other," she continued.

Not only was Cecily able to network and make connections in the program, she has already been able to take what she learned in the online classroom and use it to optimize her day-to-day performance in her current role.

"A wow moment for me was really realizing that I'm utilizing some of these skills without maybe having the technical name for them, but I was actually using them in my day-to-day operations and work environment," Cecily said. "So, when I could actually tie what I'm doing to what I'm learning really kind of made the two click, and that was really a great kind of aha or wow moment for me."

You can hear more about Cecily's time in the program so far by watching our video below.

W&M student Cecily Scott on applying her Online MBA in the workplace
W&M student Cecily Scott on applying her Online MBA in the workplace
W&M student Cecily Scott on applying her Online MBA in the workplace

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