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05 Sep

A Collaborative and Convenient Online MBA

Student Spotlight: Heather Pierce MBA ’18 Candidate

When Heather Pierce first wanted to return to school for her MBA, she considered many different online programs, but she found “they were either atrociously expensive or from schools I had maybe never even heard of before.”

Then, she discovered William & Mary’s new Online MBA offering and decided to enroll, though she still harbored some concerns about studying online.

“One of my concerns with doing an online program,” Heather said, “was whether or not I would really get that peer-to-peer interaction that you’d get in a normal program. And it’s been great. We’ve had a lot of great collaborations. They put us into small groups. I really appreciate the fact that they try to pair us with a diverse group of people.”

And so far, she has felt the difference the program has made in her career. “I think it’s just really opened up my mind to better understanding the challenges and problems that my colleagues face in different departments,” she said, because “now I have a better understanding and can view the problem through their lens.”

In our video below, you can hear more about Heather’s search for a reputable online MBA program, what led her to William & Mary, and her time in the program so far.

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