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29 Sep

No Business Background Needed: An Online MBA for All Professionals

Student Spotlight: Evan Howell MBA '18 Candidate

Although an MBA is a Master of Business Administration degree, it is not limited to professionals in traditional business roles or to those with a business background or undergraduate degree. It is immensely helpful to a great variety of emerging and established professionals across a wide range of industries.

For current William & Mary Online MBA student Evan Howell, working towards his MBA means complementing his experience in the medical industry with a deep knowledge of business to enhance his performance in his current role.

"Most of my training and background is all in clinical and the medical field, and I was teaching myself the business side of things and realized I had a lot of gaps in that," Evan admitted. "And so, taking formal training through the MBA program has filled in a considerable amount of those gaps, and my mindset towards the corporate world has completely been altered."

But for Evan, it's the program's flexibility that is making the biggest impact in his life.

"It's being able to work the rigorous course material in with our demanding schedules, so balancing family, work and school," Evan said. "It is incredibly flexible while still being rigorous and has been incredibly challenging and rewarding at the same time."

Watch our video below to hear more about Evan's time in the program.

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