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25 Sep

An Online MBA With Eye-Opening Collaboration

Student Spotlight: Lindsay Reed MBA '18 Candidate

Because online master’s programs allow professionals to study from wherever they currently reside, they often feature a more diverse student cohort than on-campus programs, which typically attract students predominantly from the surrounding areas.

For William & Mary’s Online MBA, current student Lindsay Reed found the collaboration in the program and the diverse experiences of her classmates to be particularly rewarding.

“We’ve been able to be in groups where we can meet with students, and they’re from obviously different backgrounds, different industries, and to get their impression on how their MBA and their studies are affecting their jobs and how they’re able to perform is really eye-opening,” Lindsay observed.

And when it comes to her career, Lindsay’s already been able to apply what she’s learned in the program in her current role, which has transformed how she feels about MBA degrees and left her determined to succeed.

“My mindset is: This is 100 percent necessary,” Lindsay said. “Not only because things are changing in the business world, where it’s becoming one of those recommendations or requirements that you need to have, but you will get something out of this program that you need to succeed in your professional career.”

To hear more about Lindsay’s time in the program, watch her student spotlight in our video below.

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