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Mastering Business: The Renaissance Manager

19 May
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Leadership is rarely something that happens overnight or by completing a list of clearly outlined steps. For many, leadership is something that's earned over years of experience, successes, failures and a number of unknown circumstances that shape who they are as individuals.

That's why William & Mary has built an Online MBA program that emphasizes a new model of leadership, one that focuses on the skills needed to navigate the often turbulent and ever-changing landscape of modern business.

The William & Mary Online MBA begins with the Renaissance Manager course, an introduction to the concept that helped to shape and define the overall program and curriculum. This course hinges on the understanding that the past does not predict the future and we, therefore, must equip ourselves with the tools to both handle unforeseen problems and discover their potential solutions.

In this course, students examine a complex business problem, or a "wicked problem," and use the design thinking process to define, discover, create and evaluate a set of potential solutions. This exercise requires students to explore a more integrative thought process and innovative mindset, helping them to address wicked problems in their current roles, so they can eventually emerge with the definitive skills of a true Renaissance Manager.

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