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21 Feb

Renaissance Managers Solve Wicked Problems


Army Captain Jamar Jenkins was looking for tactics to further his success, along with the success of the 400 soldiers in his company. In William & Mary’s Online MBA program, he found a college that is both military friendly and academically acclaimed.

In the program, he’s learned what it means to become a "Renaissance Manager." After identifying a “wicked problem,” or a complex issue within his company or industry that he’d like to help solve, Jenkins began applying his new strategies and concepts in his current role and is already seeing positive effects.

“What I realized going through the Renaissance Manager process is that I can actually solve this problem by changing the mindset. If I can take the company that I have, the 400 soldiers that I have, and change their mindset, now I'm producing more resilient, tougher soldiers who are smarter—all because they have the growth mindset,” Jenkins added. “Now, I'm just one company. Once you multiply this, it has a significant impact."