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05 Sep

30 Years of William & Mary: One Student's Return for an MBA

Student Spotlight: Mark Dieterle ’80, MBA ’19 Candidate

In 1976, 18-year-old Mark Dieterle joined William & Mary for the first time, earning his bachelor’s degree in 1980. Over the 30 years that followed, he started numerous Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree programs but was never able to complete the program and earn his degree.

For Mark, William & Mary’s Online MBA “was an opportunity to put a stake in the ground and say, ‘You know, in two years online, I can get this done.’”

Once in the program, the curriculum’s relevance and clear applicability to his business experiences so far encouraged him to continue his studies, helping to improve his odds of obtaining his degree this time.

“What really was coincidental,” Mark says, “was the idea of the Renaissance Manager beginning to look at how we are going to succeed in an environment where things are changing even faster than they were yesterday, and that parallels a lot of what I’ve done in my career with regard to taking small or little bets in trying new things. It was refreshing to say, ‘Wow, they’re really onto something here with this curriculum.’”

In our video below, you can hear Mark Dieterle discuss his journey to the W&M Online MBA and his experiences in the program so far.

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