Parshva Bavishi

Parshva Bavishi

Advisory Board Member
Spero Institute, New York, NY

Advisory Board Member

Spero Institute

New York, NY

How do you apply what you learn in class immediately to your work?
I break it down into two areas. First is the technical, immediate support. I’m applying the things I learned in Business Analytics or Global Managerial Economics—understanding data manipulation and statistical tests—in the real world right now, and that’s affecting our members country-wide. On a larger, higher level, the things I learned in Organizational Behavior like managing staff, interacting with members, understanding strengths and weaknesses, what to look out for, and what makes a team more cohesive have been helpful.

How have you connected with the William & Mary Tribe?
Several of us were able to meet outside of our MBA program in New York, for example. Those of us local to New York attended one of the William & Mary professional Breakfast and Business Card events, which put us directly in touch with alumni and other current students. We were able to meet a lot of people from various different companies who will hopefully help us in the years to come.

I also think having an on-campus residency experience really helps students feel a part of the entire cohort, and honestly, feel a part of the Tribe. I was on campus many years ago in high school and college with Model U.N., so it was great to be back there and get the same networking experience that the full-time MBA students get.

What is your wicked problem?
Our mission is to look at how to improve all of us as we age and our connection to technology. My goal is to ensure people are digitally ready, digitally literate, have financial security, and are still socially engaged as we get older. That’s what led me to this company, and it kind of works hand-in-hand with what I do now in research for my wicked problem.