Online Python Programming Course - MSBA

BUAD 502C: Python Programming

Credits: 1

Key Skills: Python programming, Spyder, Jupyter, conditional statements, lambda functions, matplotlib package, numpy package, pandas package, data input and output, data cleansing, data graphing

Description: Python Programming is a prerequisite course for the William & Mary Online MSBA program that utilizes Python, a widely used, top programming language for data science, web development, system administration, the writing of automation scripts and more. This introductory course in Python programming focuses on skills that are relevant for business analytics. While this course assumes no prior programming experience, students who complete it will be able to perform relatively complex tasks, such as data input and output, data cleansing and graphing. Students may also be able to use prior coursework or experience to satisfy this requirement.

Like more advanced Excel, Python is used in data analytics to describe and categorize data that currently exists. In this course, students will learn how to navigate development environments like Spyder and Jupyter, write conditional statements and custom functions and install packages to manipulate or present data. The course introduces data analysis using the NumPy and pandas packages, as well as the Matplotlib package to create graphs. Programming with lists and loops will also be addressed.

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