Online Database Management & Visualization - MSBA

BUAD 5772: Database Management and Visualization

Credits: 1

Key Skills: Database management, data visualization, database architecture, data warehouse systems, structured query language, ETL process, database design, database application development, database administration, ERDPlus, MySQL, Alteryx, Tableau

Description: Database Management and Visualization is an advanced course in the Online MSBA core that presents students with the fundamentals of database management systems, the principles and methodologies of database design and techniques for database application development. It is essential in business analytics to be skilled in two arenas: the first is understanding the structure, uses and means of access to data so data scientists or analysts can administer and maintain databases; the second is being able to interpret and visualize data for the purposes of decision-making in business. This course explores both arenas of business analytics, so students are prepared to bridge the gap between technical maintenance of data and the data’s actual value and message.

Topics include the fundamentals of database architecture, database management systems and data warehouse systems. Students apply the principles and methodologies of database design, use structured query language (SQL) to create databases, tables and indexes, and practice techniques for database application development in the first half of the course. The second half of the course focuses on data visualization, where students prepare charts, tables, graphics and dashboards. Software critical to a student’s success in the course includes ERDPlus, MySQL, Alteryx and Tableau. By the end of the course, students should understand the ETL process and feel prepared to begin the practice of business analytics.

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