Online Revolutionary Leader Practicum - MBA

BUAD 5967: Revolutionary Leader Practicum

Credits: 4

Key Skills: project management, scope definition, scheduling, leadership skills, self-reflection, video presentation, TED-style talk, design thinking

Description: The Revolutionary Leader Practicum is the culminating experience of the Online MBA program. It is an opportunity for all Online MBA students to bring together the leadership skills and knowledge they have attained throughout the program to produce a deliverable that synthesizes them into a clearly described strategy for solving their “wicked problem.” This supervised business practicum assesses the project management skills necessary to make students’ potential solutions actionable, challenges students to advocate for and defend their solutions to their classmates, and concludes with a period of reflection on the growth students have experienced during their time in the program.

The key deliverable of the Revolutionary Leader Practicum is a “Tribe Talk,” a TED-style talk that each student records on video and presents to the class. In this talk, students describe their wicked problems, summarize the steps they have taken to address these problems, identify the lessons they have learned from doing so, and propose next steps that could further work toward a solution. Upon completion of this business practicum, students will demonstrate they have developed the 21st century management mindset befitting of a truly revolutionary leader who can thrive in the contemporary workplace.

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