Online Organizational Behavior Course - MBA

BUAD 5507: Organizational Behavior

Credits: 4

Key Skills: leadership, decision-making, motivation, organizational commitment, organizational structure, organizational behavior theories, team dynamics, negotiation

Description: Organizational Behavior is one of the most intellectually diverse courses in the Online MBA curriculum. Drawing on scholarship from fields that include anthropology, sociology, information technology, ethics, management, economics and psychology, Organizational Behavior provides a framework for understanding how people and groups within organizations behave and how to promote productive behavior within an organizational setting. The result of this training is a foundation for the effective management of people in organizations, from inspiring individual motivation to structuring positive team dynamics to building and maintaining a functional organizational structure.

The Organizational Behavior course works backward from the outcomes desired from individual members of your team (job performance and organizational commitment) to the individual mechanisms that directly influence those outcomes, and finally to organizational and group mechanisms that impact the company as a whole. At the individual level, students will be asked to examine themselves according to the “big five” personality traits and consider how they impact organizational behavior. They will further consult organizational behavior concepts drawn from the disciplines listed above to help determine how to promote productive, sustainable work environments characterized by trust, ethics, minimal stress and healthy power dynamics.

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