Online Operations Course - MBA

BUAD 5607: Operations

Credits: 4

Key Skills: operations management, supply chain management, capacity and project management, planning and scheduling operations, material requirements planning, quality and inventory management, lean production, lean supply chain

Description: The Online MBA Operations course imparts key elements of operations and supply chain management that are essential for any organization to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage. It offers a survey of all major facets of operations management, from the planning and control of complex products and services to quality management, strategies for continuous improvement and effective control of the supply chain. The course is both knowledge- and skills-based, offering both a terminological and conceptual background in business operations and the opportunity to apply this knowledge in an informed decision-making process.

Students in the Operations course examine both internal and external organizational factors that can affect operational efficiency, and how those factors promote or hinder the achievement of competitive advantage. The course covers capacity and project management within an organization, as well as best practices for product manufacturing and service processes. Externally, it looks at the challenges of supply chain management and quantitative supply chain management tools and techniques commonly used to address them. Among the principles of supply chain management covered in this course are the concepts of lean production and the lean supply chain, which can help contemporary managers optimize their business operations by eliminating inefficiencies and waste throughout the supply chain.

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