Online MBA Marketing Course

BUAD 5407: Marketing

Credits: 4

Key Skills: integrated marketing communications, marketing segmentation, brand positioning, targeting, the marketing mix, online marketing, market evaluation

Description: The Online MBA Marketing course is built around the concept of the strategic marketing framework. It is designed to familiarize you with the elements of this framework and to teach you to use it to evaluate market opportunities for your business and execute a successful marketing plan to capitalize on those opportunities. It emphasizes the fundamentals of the marketing mix and and teaches students ways to use it to best position their organization’s products or services in the market.

Students will be asked to design an integrated marketing communications plan in which they apply the strategic marketing framework they have learned throughout the course. Skills associated with developing this plan include marketing segmentation, targeting and brand positioning, as well as strategies to improve brand equity and build the kind of professional online presence crucial for marketing in the 21st century. Students will also learn to assess internal and external environmental factors for ways in which they can support effective marketing decisions for their organizations. Finally, students will be asked to evaluate the effectiveness of a marketing plan and to utilize this assessment to propose modifications to their integrated marketing strategy in the future.

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