Online Integrated Technology Course - MBA

BUAD 5227: Integrated Technology

Credits: 4

Key Skills: modern enterprise solutions, integrated device technology, knowledge management, analytics technologies, privacy and security in the digital age, information technology strategy, information systems architecture and infrastructure

Description: The Integrated Technology course is designed to teach today’s managers basic information technology concepts and terminology and to elevate students to a necessary baseline of digital fluency. It is geared toward managers who do not enter the Online MBA program with an information technology background. Contemporary business enterprises rely heavily on information systems, and all savvy managers must be aware of the scope and capabilities of modern enterprise solutions to effectively integrate them into their business operations. Equipped with this knowledge, managers can effectively strategize best practices for the use of integrated device technology in their companies.

Integrated Technology is a practice-oriented course which includes both an overview of key vocabulary and concepts and an introduction to the use of the interactive analytics tools that are essential to solving today’s complex business problems. These digital tools are valuable in any field you may choose to work in upon completing your MBA including marketing, finance, business development and countless others. The course concludes with a discussion of the ethical implications of the information gathering technologies used for responsive marketing and other data-driven efforts, focusing on privacy and security concerns that all managers must consider as they conduct business within the complex compliance environment of the digital age.

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