Online Financial and Managerial Accounting Course

BUAD 5107: Financial and Managerial Accounting

Credits: 4

Key Skills: cost behavior analysis, financial statement analysis, cost accounting, balanced scorecard, financial forecasting models, organizational architecture, organizational integrity and ethics

Description: Accounting is often referred to as “the language of business” for the sizable impact it can have on business communications and decision-making. The Financial and Managerial Accounting course is designed to help you become fluent in this language, to not only understand key concepts within the arena of financial accounting but to develop a mindset geared toward quickly mastering new concepts in the future. Managerial and financial accounting are massive, expansive disciplines, so it is unreasonable to expect even highly skilled professionals to have fully mastered the entirety of knowledge contained within them. As such, one of the most important learning outcomes of the Financial and Managerial Accounting course will be developing the research skills required to learn key concepts on a just-in-time basis.

Students in the Financial and Managerial Accounting course will learn to access pertinent information through financial statement analysis. They will further develop a working understanding of concepts related to revenues and costs, cost behavior, and product and service costing, as well as of the design and maintenance of organizational architecture through methods that include divisional control and transfer pricing. They will then learn to make this knowledge actionable in the service of organizational planning, control and decision-making.

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