Online Business Analytics Course - MBA

BUAD 5707: Business Analytics

Credits: 4

Key Skills: data collection, data wrangling, data manipulation, data scrubbing, Excel, descriptive data analysis, data modeling, predictive analysis, data mining, Monte Carlo simulations, risk analysis, prescriptive analysis, “what-if” scenarios

Description: Business Analytics is designed to introduce you to ways in which business organizations use data and to teach you the foundational skills required to work effectively with data in a business environment. Data is the fundamental basis of reporting and decision-making for all firms, and an increasing number of tech-savvy organizations are turning to sophisticated data collection analysis methods as a competitive tool. This course takes a broad perspective on data analytics in a business context and provides you with both a wide understanding of data concepts and the ability to apply numerous contemporary analytical techniques.

In the Business Analytics course, students will learn the basics of working with data, including methods for collecting, wrangling, manipulating and “scrubbing” data into a usable set. They will then study three types of increasingly complex data analysis used in business settings. They will begin with descriptive data analysis, with a focus on modeling, sampling, estimation, statistical inference and recognizing familiar distributions. Students will advance to predictive analysis, including trend and systematic behavior recognition, regression, data mining, advanced visualization techniques, Monte Carlo simulations, and risk analysis. Finally, students will study prescriptive analysis methods, involving the interpretation of complex results, the use of “what-if” models to extend deterministic models into viable projections and the application of constrained optimism.

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