William & Mary's Online
MBA Ranked #26
William & Mary's Online
MBA Ranked #26

The William & Mary Online MBA

It takes a true revolutionary to lead effectively in today’s organizations. The complex, global problems that define contemporary business resist conventional solutions, and only the most flexibly minded and resourceful professionals can approach them in a way that prepares their team for success.

The Online MBA program from the Raymond A. Mason School of Business imparts the essential business knowledge and builds the dynamic mindset necessary to lead in today’s challenging and rapidly changing business environment. It's no wonder over 97 percent of our alumni rate their satisfaction with the program as "very high" or "high."1

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Start Your Revolution With Design Thinking

By choosing the Online MBA at William & Mary, you are opting to pursue an essential element of revolutionary leadership: design thinking. Design thinking is a method of tackling problems that does not presume a solution. It replaces a linear mindset that prioritizes completion over innovation with an iterative approach aimed at constant refinement and open to unexpected discoveries.

Design thinking is introduced in the Online MBA program’s first course, Renaissance Manager, through a framework derived from the Renaissance ideal of Leonardo da Vinci. Adapted for the modern business world, this ideal informs the decisions of effective design thinkers by driving them to:

  • Approach new challenges with voracious intellectual curiosity
  • Bring deep expertise in an enabling field to their work
  • Develop and maintain broad knowledge and interests to transcend limitations
  • Think systematically and logically to focus on creative, well-reasoned solutions

When you embrace design thinking as it is taught throughout the Online MBA curriculum, you will build the mental agility to accept new information openly, collaborate generously and innovate perpetually in search of meaningful improvements rather than finite solutions. You will join the revolutionary leaders who have graduated from our Online MBA program in focusing diverse ideas into sound strategy and facing a changing business landscape with confidence and poise.

Renaissance Manager was a phenomenal way to start the program. I really liked how it addressed the major challenge impacting every business today—disruption
jerry kelly

Give Your Online MBA an Analytics Focus

We recognize that many motivated professionals today wish to build a set of technical skills that fall outside of our standard Online MBA curriculum’s focus. For this reason, we’re excited to offer two options to accommodate our students’ demand for more robust programming and analytics courses.

As an Online MBA student, you may either:

  • Register for BUAD 502B R Programming and/or BUAD 502C Python Programming from our Online MSBA curriculum to augment your Online MBA with knowledge of these languages
  • Complement the Online MBA program with our Online Foundations in Business Analytics Certificate to add hands-on technical experience to your leadership toolkit over a five-course (12-credit) curriculum

Both of these options can be integrated seamlessly into your Online MBA program sequence, allowing you to build these additional skills without extending your time to degree. Contact an Admissions Advisor for more information.

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Discover the Value of Cohort Diversity

Our Online MBA cohorts have historically represented more than a hundred undergraduate universities and an impressively diverse selection of ethnicities, career fields and professional histories. The story these statistics tell is that this program is one in which a variety of voices come together to develop their skills while also contributing to the personal and professional growth of others.

Gain invaluable exposure to a varied group of peers with new and important perspectives, and let their insight help you navigate the challenges and opportunities created by the wicked problems of modern business.

Average Cohort Data and Statistics


undergraduate institutions represented


average years of work experience


average undergraduate GPA (on a 4.0 scale)


ages 26-45


U.S. minority




from financial services background


from military background


from government background


from technology background

NOTE: Statistics are based on cumulative self-reported W&M Online MBA Student Profile Data collected from all cohorts between Spring 2016 and Spring 2018.

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  1. Based on a limited sample of self-reported data from alumni of W&M’s Online MBA program from graduating cohorts between 2016 and 2020
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