Dion Panther

Dion Panther

Assistant Vice President. Cigna, Cambria Heights, NY

Assistant Vice President


Cambria Heights, NY

Why did you choose William & Mary’s Online MBA program?
What really helped me decide on William & Mary’s program was their online webinar that went through all of the school’s processes. One of the things that I really gravitated to was the fact that the classes were asynchronous. You only take one class at a time for the seven-and-a-half weeks and become fully immersed in each subject.

How have you developed relationships with your classmates in the program?
Initially our team connected via email, and then it evolved into a suggestion to get on Google Meet. The first couple of minutes were awkward because no one knew each other, but once we started to dive in, we connected. We met outside of the class even before we all coincidentally decided to attend the same residency weekend. Several of my classmates either live in the New York City area or are originally from here so we’ve gotten together for dinner and even brought our spouses. There’s an open invitation: If you’re in town, let’s get together.

What is your wicked problem?
My wicked problem is trying to bring transparency to healthcare. It’s a huge problem. If you go to a car manufacturer, they can tell you down to the bolt what it costs them to make a vehicle. Healthcare is not so transparent; it’s a field that is just so cloudy and convoluted.