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Why Choose William & Mary Over a One-Year MBA Program?

25 Aug
William & Mary MBA student standing in front of Alan B Miller Hall at William & Mary's campus

It can be hard to find the right MBA program. In a world full of them, each one strives to earn the confidence—and tuition dollars—of new applicants. It’s often a challenge to see past the promotional materials to the details of each program’s unique traits.

One feature that people may find attractive is the chance to complete an MBA within a year. As an added time commitment to a full-time job, or after a lifetime spent in school, a high-intensity sprint to the finish line can sound very appealing.

As you recognize the criteria that define the best MBA program for you, be sure to weigh the differences between accelerated, one-year MBA programs and the “Public Ivy” quality that is the hallmark of William & Mary’s Online MBA program.


Before you choose a graduate program, consider what you’ll learn and how you’ll learn it. Your William & Mary education will include:

In-depth, Ivy League-caliber education

Led by some of the most experienced business professors in the nation, the courses in the Raymond A. Mason School of Business teach strategic analysis and creative thinking—essential skills for business leaders. Our top-ranked Online MBA program is centered on the innovative theme Renaissance Thinker, Revolutionary Leader.

  • Various courses will require you to identify a “wicked problem”—an issue that relates to your work or that you expect to encounter in the business world, and that’s defined by having:
    • An unknowable set of potential solutions
    • No definitive agreement on the nature of the problem itself
    • No way to know with absolute certainty that a chosen solution is best
  • You will address possible solutions to that problem
  • You’ll analyze your findings and present solutions to your wicked problem

Through this integrated process, you’ll develop and hone your skills as a critical thinker while tackling complex business problems.

An immersive residency

Twice each year, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with peers, business leaders and faculty on our historic campus in Williamsburg, Virginia. The executive partners who speak at these conferences offer mentorship advice to all students in the Mason School of Business.

Leadership development experience

You’ll receive one-on-one coaching from a senior business executive throughout your program.

Flexibility and Work-Life Balance

You may be employed full-time and looking to add MBA studies to your schedule. You share that pursuit with the students in the William & Mary Online MBA program. 100% of them have full-time jobs1 which they successfully balance with our flexible online program. Each of our 12 courses requires just 7½ weeks, which means that you can complete your MBA here in as little as two years.

Further, we offer a part-time Online MBA program. Nearly 60% of MBA students are enrolled in part-time programs, which support work-school-life balance.

Compare that with accelerated MBA programs. You’re pursuing a strong education from a reputable program, but the top 10 one-year online MBA programs in the country require their students to enroll as full-time students.2 If keeping your job is a priority, how will that schedule fit into your life?

We have carefully built flexibility into other aspects of our program, as well. There are three start dates in each year, so you can begin and complete your studies on the timing that fits best with your professional and personal commitments. Once you’re a student here, the breadth of our curriculum affords you the opportunity to explore varied career pursuits within the world of business. As a result, you’ll graduate with a seasoned perspective and a sense of focus borne of experience. In contrast, the compressed nature of accelerated programs requires that you have a clear career focus from the outset, without offering you the space to explore options and expand your horizons along the way.

Demonstrable Quality

Graduate school requires a major investment of your time, energy and funds. To get the greatest return, be sure that you choose a program that’s worthy of all you put into it. The William & Mary Online MBA program has an impressive list of credentials:

  • #1 Business School for Learning3
  • #5 Best Business Professors4
  • #19 Best Online MBA Program5
  • Engagement Score, which measures student satisfaction and instructor responsiveness on a scale of 1 to 100: 936
  • Engagement rank among all online MBA programs nationwide: 56
  • Graduation rate: approximately 87%, versus approximately 64% from the top 10 accelerated online MBA programs2

Make the strongest choice for your education and career.

For a powerful and genuinely transformational business education, explore the Online MBA program from William & Mary. Study with our faculty of expert leaders and gain the in-depth skills that will enrich your potential in a variety of careers. Enhance your knowledge and earn the necessary credentials on your schedule, from the comfort of your home. To learn more, speak with one of our Admissions Advisors today.

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