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Grad School 101: Tips for Writing Your Admissions Essays

09 Oct

Like any business professional knows, planning ahead and being prepared are key factors that contribute to whether or not a graduate student’s application is strong enough to potentially earn them a space in a rigorous and respectable program.

You’re not an undergraduate student anymore, and putting off all of your application materials until the night before simply won’t cut it in graduate school—especially not when it comes to those most frightening of application materials: your admissions essays.

Thankfully, regardless of how many essays you need to complete for your application, there are several steps you can take to ensure your essay is as strong as it needs to be.

Essays can play a major role in the university’s admissions decisions, so any way to give yourself the advantage can make all the difference. By following our steps above, you can ensure your essay is in stronger shape and is better able to differentiate you from the pool of other candidates applying to the program as well.

But, if you’re still in doubt, remember to reach out to your Admissions Advisor or school coordinator with any questions or concerns!

If you’ve submitted your graduate school essay already, you might want to get ahead in the game by reviewing how to prepare for the video interview for admissions.

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