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Maximizing Your Potential with an Online MBA: Pros and Benefits for Prospective Students

28 Jul

Are you considering pursuing an MBA?

The MBA is often referred to as a terminal degree (the highest educational level one needs to reach in their particular field) for business professionals. Generally, people go back to school to get their MBA for one of two reasons:

  1. They are looking to earn more money in their chosen profession, or;
  2. They are looking to advance to a higher level in their career that is unattainable without an MBA

As you consider whether an MBA is right for you and your own personal reasons for going back to school, check out five advantages of earning your MBA online.

The Advantages of an Online MBA

  1. Flexibility and convenience: The MBA is now the most popular master’s degree in the country, overtaking the master’s in education degree back in 2010.1 One reason for this growing popularity is likely advancements in technology. When you enroll in an online program, you are afforded a greater opportunity to balance your work, education and personal life. Most MBA programs require two years to complete. That time commitment is often much more palpable when you don’t have to attend on-campus classroom sessions as you manage your day-to-day career and other responsibilities that require your time and attention.
  2. Promising job prospects: Another positive for students thinking about getting an MBA is that job prospects are abundant, even with the MBA being such a popular degree. Graduate Management Admission Council’s 2023 summary report of its survey of corporate recruiters stated that MBA graduates were the most in-demand by global employers of all the graduate management education (GME) degree programs. In fact, 37% of U.S. employers believe the demand for hiring business graduates will increase until 2028.2
  3. Competitive salaries and benefits: On top of the good news in job opportunities, the 2023 GMAC study revealed that this year’s prospective salaries are expected to be highest among MBA graduates headed to U.S. companies. MBA grads are targeted at the highest estimated median starting salary ($125k) of all GME degrees.2 Salaries, of course, will depend on location, industry and experience level, but this is good news for prospective MBA students.
  4. Networking opportunities: Online MBA programs often provide students with the chance to connect with a diverse group of professionals from various industries and locations. Even though you may not ever step foot on campus depending on the program you choose, online programs provide a number of opportunities to connect with fellow classmates, professors and the university alumni network. The network you build in graduate school can be a valuable resource for future job opportunities, collaborations and mentorship.
  5. Access to cutting-edge business education: Online MBA programs are constantly updating their curriculum to stay current with industry trends and developments. You will benefit from learning the latest strategies, tools and techniques, preparing you to excel in your career. As you consider online programs, be sure to ask about the online learning platform you will be expected to use. You will want to make sure it is easy to access and navigate, and that the lessons are taught in an engaging manner. Be sure to also inquire about how you will interact with your fellow classmates and your professors.

Get to Know William & Mary’s Online MBA Experience

The William & Mary Online MBA program is designed with working professionals in mind, with a flexible format that allows you to maintain career momentum while earning an MBA in as few as two years.

When you enroll in the Online MBA program, you will benefit from:

  • A diverse cohort: The Online MBA cohorts have historically represented more than a hundred undergraduate universities and an impressively diverse student body in terms of ethnicity, career field and professional history
  • Online engagement: Courses are accessed through our online learning platform, which makes it easy for you to track your assignments, connect with faculty and peers, submit coursework and view lectures
  • A highly ranked business education: William & Mary is ranked #1 Best Business School for Learning by Bloomberg,3 #5 for Best Business Professors by The Princeton Review4 and #12 in Career Outcomes by Poets&Quants5

Speak with an admissions outreach advisor today to learn more about the Online MBA program. Schedule a call.