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Home Online Business Blog An MBA for Those Without a Business Degree

An MBA for Those Without a Business Degree

05 Sep
Student Spotlight: Hillary Davis MBA ’19 Candidate

Many professionals don’t realize a Master of Business Administration degree can be particularly useful to their careers, even if they don’t have an undergraduate business background. For current William & Mary Online MBA student Hillary Davis, deciding to pursue her MBA was not something she could have predicted as an undergraduate student.

“My undergrad is in criminal justice, and I don’t work in criminal justice,” Hillary said, “so I wanted to get the education behind what I’m doing in my job, and my goal is to continue to move up in the organization, because I really enjoy working where I do.”

Though the decision to pursue her MBA may have been an unforeseen career goal, Hillary was already familiar with the online student experience and knew the unique advantages an online degree program can offer.

“I actually did my undergrad online, the whole four years, so I am kind of really familiar with how the process all works, but this one’s definitely been a lot more organized and better than my last online program, and I’ve really enjoyed it,” she said. “I’ve really created this bond with other students, and I think it will help as I continue in the program.”

In our video below, you can hear more about Hillary’s previous experience studying online and how her W&M experience is helping to advance her career.

Getting an MBA to support your career goals
Getting an MBA to support your career goals
Getting an MBA to support your career goals

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