Online Business Strategy Course - MBA

BUAD 5907: Strategy

Credits: 4

Key Skills: decision-making, locating competitive advantage, prioritization, internal and external analysis, quantification of subjective judgments, strategy development and implementation, projection and planning for the future

Description: Business strategy can be understood as an “integrator” of everything you have learned in business, including the skills and knowledge you have acquired in business school. The Online MBA Strategy course is designed to teach students to synthesize the entirety of their studies into well-thought-out, actionable plans for business success. Students learn to consider strategy at a variety of scales—from the individual business to the multi-business firm, the broader industry and the global marketplace—and to assess ways in which resources, competencies, business demands and environmental factors must all be considered when developing a strategy to produce a competitive advantage.

The Online MBA Strategy course stresses the practical applications of business theory, encouraging students to devise ways to utilize theoretical frameworks for business strategy in real-world settings. It prompts students to parse the distinction between “leading” and “managing,” and to determine the role that each of these processes plays in the creation and execution of effective business strategies. It also introduces the concept of the “invisible line” delineating the boundary between one’s leadership role and one’s functional role and teaches students to balance their responsibility for each. Finally, the course asks students to look toward the future to postulate what business organizations might look like in years to come and to suggest ways in which strategy and leadership can help bring about this new type of organization and help it thrive.

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