Online Finance Course - MBA

BUAD 5307: Finance

Credits: 4

Key Skills: financial decision-making, stock and bond valuation, risk assessment, financial communication, financial policies, capital budgeting decisions, capital structure decisions

Description: Our Online MBA Finance course trains you in the methods used by financial managers to create value for their shareholders. It develops an understanding of how securities are priced in contemporary financial markets and provides an essential foundation in the concepts and terminology that underlie financial decisions today. Whether you are or intend to become a financial professional yourself, or whether your current or desired role requires that you be able to engage in cogent financial communication with specialists in the field, this course offers the grounding you need.

In the Online MBA Finance course, you will learn to think strategically about key issues that affect financial decisions, including interest rates, equity, the time value of money and more. You will build the skills necessary to communicate clearly and efficiently with financial professionals and to help your organization establish financial policies that will safeguard its assets and improve profitability. You will be asked to weigh the pros and cons of various techniques used in the making of financial decisions, including methods of estimating free cash flows, valuing stocks and bonds, and assessing risk. Finally, you will bring all of these tools to bear on the kinds of capital budgeting and capital structure decisions you might face in your current role or future career.

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