Online Leadership for the 21st Century Course - MBA

BUAD 5517: Leadership for the 21st Century

Credits: 4

Key Skills: SMART goals, self-assessment and self-reflection, leadership strengths, functional working relationships, strong interpersonal dynamics, leadership strategy

Description: The contemporary workplace demands a particular, nuanced brand of 21st century leadership. It is flatter, more fluid and more connected than the business environments of years past. Successful managers working within it must know how to influence others and build productive, mutually supportive working relationships without assertively exercising formal authority. The Leadership in the 21st Century course trains today’s managers to lead the diverse teams that make up the contemporary workforce through participatory projects, self-assessments, experiential learning scenarios, guided reflection, synchronous and asynchronous discussions, and other methods.

Leadership in the 21st Century places equal weight on understanding the strengths of oneself and others, employing the SMART goals methodology to help students develop effective leadership strategies. It asks students to engage in concentrated self-awareness to determine their leadership strengths and weaknesses, and to consider ways in which their leadership potential could be increased through the knowledge gained by this self-assessment. It also engages students in activities that encourage them to consider how they relate to those that are different from them—-at peer, subordinate and superordinate levels—-and trains them to develop strong interpersonal dynamics for managing any sort of contemporary team.

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