Magdalena Cutler

Magdalena Cutler, Ph.D.

Section Leader, Economics


Program: Online MBA

Ph.D., Economics, Arizona State University
MS, Information Management, Arizona State University
BS, Applied Economics, American University in Bulgaria
Expertise: Industrial organization, decision-making with incomplete information, game theory, entrepreneurship

She started her professional career as a technical production manager at American Express Co., where she remotely managed a team of database professionals located in India in supporting the international credit card acquisitions marketing processes in Brazil, U.K., New Zealand and Australia.

Later, she partnered with professionals in the healthcare industry and started an assisted living facility in Mesa, Arizona. Additionally, she identified the need to bring high-quality U.S. graduate business education to foreign business professionals working for American companies abroad. She established an online business program leading the development from the conceptual idea through the planning, licensing, marketing and operations stages. Both endeavors were successful and eventually sold.

A lifelong learner, Magdalena recently participated in a yearlong assignment at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. A native of Bulgaria, she currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, with her partner and three daughters.