Dean Johnson

Dean Johnson

Director, Consultant Relations and Field Sales
Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., Denver, CO

Director, Consultant Relations and Field Sales

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

Denver, CO

Why did you pursue an MBA through an online format?
I travel about 50 percent of the time. I talked to quite a few friends who had gone through MBA programs in different formats, and they all told me the exact same thing: I should not look at a program that would mean I had to actually be in class. If I was going to pursue higher education, it would have to be in a format that can work within my lifestyle and schedule demands.

What did you think of the residency experience?
IIt’s something that I enjoyed quite a bit. The biggest thing I was able to see was that there were quite a few people in situations like mine who are traveling or are in very senior positions. There’s absolutely no way they could quit their jobs and go back to pursue an MBA in a different format, especially one that would require them to physically go somewhere. It reinforced that this is absolutely the right situation for me.

What is your wicked problem?
There is a very large demographic issue in the financial planning industry as a whole. If you don’t have enough advisors that are female, as well as black or Hispanic, you may end up with some significantly underserved populations who need good financial advice. We all need financial advisors who are highly educated and have a lot of experience to make sure we’re prepared for retirement, have enough life insurance, all of the things that are necessary to protect our families now and in the future.